Workshop Descriptions

Session 1 (10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.)

Technology in the Blended Classroom: Easily Creating Instructional Videos

Steven Bilinski, Technology Coach, San Bernardino City Unified School District
In this session you will learn how to make instructional videos that students can view on a phone, tablet, or laptop. These videos allow students to learn at their own pace and easily rewind and review parts of a lesson to ensure comprehension. The videos can then also be viewed at home if a student needs to review during homework.

The Art of Storytelling

Jenna Young, Elementary School Teacher, Bear Valley Elementary School, Moreno Valley Unified School District
Storytelling is truly an art. There is a difference between reading the words of a story out loud and bringing the pages of a book to life! Join a veteran teacher and resident storyteller at The Frugal Frigate Children's Book Store as she shares her craft. Would you like to hear some of the best new books and a few old favorites read aloud? Think of this workshop as storytime for the kid in all of us! You will leave inspired with tips on making read alouds come to life!

A Passionate Profession

Andrea Fingerson, Writer and Teacher, Moreno Valley Unified School District
One of the most sacred responsibilities of the teacher is to encourage and inspire. In order to do that, a teacher needs to find and nurture their own passion. During this workshop, I will share my own story of self discovery, lead you though a series of exercises to help you find (or confirm) your passion, and start you on the process of planning how to incorporate your passion into your classroom and teaching practice.


Terri Labik, Professional Development Specialist, Moreno Valley Unified School District
Do you want to inCREASE your students ability to approach CCSS in a meaningful and memorable way? FOLDABLES are multi-dimensional educational manipulatives that can be used for organizing data, problem solving, practice and skill reinforcement, and creative content presentations. FOLDABLES can be authentic student generated formative assessments, as well as unique approaches to completing a performance task. Come see examples across content areas, and “make and take” your own FOLDABLES to immediately implement with your students.

What Would A Career In Counseling Be Like?

Lorraine Hedtke MSW, LCSW, PhD, Program Coordinator, MS in Counseling and PPS Credential Programs, CSUSB
The workshop will present various avenues that open to counseling careers. We will discuss educational pathways that lead to a position were counseling and service are the main focus, including working schools, private settings, and mental health settings. We will also speak about why a counseling career and a career of service might be of interest and in fact full of heart. There will be ample time for questions as well.

Writing the Resume That Gets You the Job

Claudia Estrada, Career Counselor, CSUSB
Your resume opens doors just as fast as it closes them. That’s why you have to look good on paper first before recruiters and hiring managers want to interview you! This workshop is designed to help students develop customized resumes and cover letters that not only look good, but will stand out! We will focus on transforming standard resume and cover letter phrases into impressive and attention grabbing statements. By the end of this workshop participants will be able to format and structure a standard resume, describe four types of structural resume accomplishment statements, explain how action verb words refer to one’s skill set, and apply editing strategies to enhance accomplishment statements.

Session 2 (12:30 p.m. - 1:45 p.m.)

Movie and Popcorn Session: It’s Time To Take A Stand…..Bulldoze Bullying!!!

Katherine Thomerson, Coordinator, Liberal Studies, CSUSB
Attendees will grab a bag of popcorn and watch Award-winning filmmaker – Lee Hirch’s – documentary BULLY. This heartfelt and beautifully cinematic, character driven real story follows five kids and families over the course of a school year. The film offers insight into different facets of the bullying crisis affecting our nation today, giving an intimate and shocking glimpse into homes, classrooms, cafeterias and principal’s offices. Every educator should see this! There will be a short discussion afterwards (more popcorn too!)

Session 3 (2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.)

Poetry, Prose and Performance for the Elementary Classroom

Katherine Thomerson, Coordinator, Liberal Studies, CSUSB
Old, new and classic poetry; children’s picture books with potent words and wisdom; classroom interplay and response activities – This session is five senses, hands-on. Be ready to move, repeat and skedaddle out with language arts activity ideas and maybe….a paper airplane.

PowerPoint Pictorial Planning

Steven Bilinski, Technology Coach, San Bernardino City Unified School District
Pictorial lessons are a way to present content in an organized and graphic way. This session explores the concept of using technology to present a traditionally paper and pen experience to amaze and engage your students.

Journaling Your Way to Success

Andrea Fingerson, Writer and Teacher, Moreno Valley Unified School District
Journaling is a nurturing practice that leads to self reflection, self discovery, and self confidence. It is a practice that can, and should, be used in every classroom no matter the age of the participants or subject matter being taught. During this workshop you will learn about the benefits of journaling, discuss practical applications for your life and teaching practice, and have the opportunity to design a journaling activity for your current or future classroom.

Teach For America: English-Language Learner (ELL) Literacy & Teaching as Leadership

Madeline Medina, Director of Recruitment, Teach For America
We know it’s possible to give all kids a great education and the countless opportunities that come with it. There are about 5 million English-language learners in the United States, or about 9 percent of all public school students, and the number is increasing. Teach For America presents an interactive workshop to explore strategies and methodology for effective English-Language Learner (ELL) literacy instruction to meet the needs of all students.

Using Mentor Texts to Teach Craft and Structure in Writing

Bridget Anderson, Instructional Strategist, Rialto School District
Are you tired of seeing “The End” written at the end of your students’ stories in place of a real ending? Do you hate it when students copy your modeled writing instead of creating something original? Learn how mentor texts help improve student writing and meet Common Core Standards. This session will highlight the shifts in the Common Core Reading and Writing Standards.

Javelin Rockets

Nickie Mora, TEACH Club President, CSUSB
Participants in this workshop will make Javelin Rockets, which combines sports and science as a way to introduce the concepts of angles, speed and distance. Participants will also receive a copy of the lesson plan to have for future reference.